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Los Duendes is a real ethnic mixture, because the band consists of musicians from: Spain, Austria, Poland, Mexico and Cuba. This international formation, playing music from the borderland of flamenco and latino, with elements of improvisation, was founded in 2018 in Wrocław, Poland.

The band’s program includes well-known songs, among others from the repertoire of Vicente Amigo, Ray Heredia (Ketama), Antonio Carmona and Niña Pastori as well as some original songs of the band.

“Duende” is an elf, dwarf, a small magical creature inhabiting space on the borderline of reality and fantasy, present in the legends of many cultures since the dawn of history. In flamenco culture, „having duende” means having a special talent for singing or playing an instrument. It is the artistic soul reflected in art. A magical and authentic element. Los Duendes – a band celebrating Andalusian music and singing, invites you to a joint, loud musical feast, full of hot rhythms.


Borja Soto: vocal (Spain)
Piotr Łyszkiewicz: saxophone, clarinet (Poland)
Rainer Maria Nero: guitar (Austria)
Alberto Suazo: guitar (Mexico)
Osmar Pegudo: percussion (Cuba)


Listen to our music and watch video clips.


Regular concerts

We are an original band offering a concert programme consisted of some famous cover by variuos Spaniard artists (like Niña Pastori, Vicente Amigo, Antonio Carmona etc.) as well as our original compositions like the singiel Fantasía.

Private events

We are open to perform at your private, corporate or occasional event, but please be aware that we always choose our artistic programme.

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